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acco Wooden Equilibrium Balance Board

acco Wooden Equilibrium Balance Board

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Wooden Equilibrium Balance Board ( Size - 22" X 14" x 5.5)

Treats you with exercise therapy at home, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy Clinic or Gym

Is easy to use due to the simple design

Have effective changes and improves health

Treats you with physiotherapy pain relief and helps in balancing Daily use of this balance board keeps you active and full of energy

Sturdy Board - Act of balancing could help with your health on various fronts. It helps you get correct posture, toughens your muscles, and is useful in the convalescing process as well. Using this Wooden Balance Board, you are able to achieve a healthy disposition and keep yourself upbeat.

Multipurpose Board It can be used by people who want to beef up their muscles and also by ones who are recuperating or trying to get a good balance.

Lightweight & Portable The 22" X 14" x 5.5 board weights just 2.67kg. and its weight baring capacity is 100 to 110 Kg. It is a travel-friendly board and comes very handy when you don’t want to miss your workout on a business or leisure trip.

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