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acco Vestibular Swing System

acco Vestibular Swing System

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Introducing the Vestibular Swing System. Experience the engineered benefits of the system designed to support vestibular input therapy. The product was created to provide your children with sensory experiences that help them regulate their vestibular systems, leading to better emotional and motor regulation, as well as improved development.

Vestibular / Swing System comes with 5 different types of swings, provides a wide range of therapy modules for Vestibular, Neuro-developmental and Sensory Integration therapy. The system provides vertical stimulation and direct flexion, linear acceleration, rotational experiences and complete range of motion exercises.

Swing System includes the following: 

Construction: Durable metal frame of 50mm square tube with 2mm Wall thickness, Legs are of 38mm round tubes of 2.5mm wall thickness, with required nuts & bolts. * Rotational Bar: Ball-bearing loaded, a 360-degree vertical rotation system for a smooth, unrestricted range of movement to create vertical & rotational stimulation at the same time. Rotational Bar comes with a locking facility.


Platform Swing. Roll Swing. * Disk Swing. * Prone Swing (Hammock) 45cm wide. * Toddler Swing.
* Swings come with suitable ropes & ascenders.
* Mattress: provided for the safety of children.
* Age Group: Suitable for children under 14 years of age.
* Finish: Powder coated finish in off-white or any other color.

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