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Tapsi MINI Muscle Stimulator (With 2 channel TENS)

Tapsi MINI Muscle Stimulator (With 2 channel TENS)

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Tapsi Mini Muscle Stimulator (With Dual Channel TENS), A Mini Portable muscle stimualtion unit that delivers Tens, Interrupted Galvanic and Surged Faradic Currents for therapeutic use. Unit comes in a carrying case with Following Accessories 

VIATOR MINI: TPS 515 - Mini Muscle Stimulator with TENS (Dual Channel) 


Easy portable treatment Three output selections (Tens, Interrupted Galvanic, Surge Faradic) Good quality cover.

 INPUT SUPPLY: 230 V AC, 50Hz 

SIZE: L 6” x W 5.5” x H 2” 

WEIGHT: 1.5 Kg. Approx 

Pulse width              : 400 micro sec. 
Frequency                : 50Hz IG 
Pulse width              : 100 mili sec. 
Frequency                : 1 per sec. 
SF                               : 1 to 9 sec. duration. 


4 Metal Plate with cover

Two pair electrode leads 
one pen electrode leads

Fixing Straps 2 for fixation of electrodes, Pen Electrode

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