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Skyndex Body Fat Caliper

Skyndex Body Fat Caliper

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Skyndex Body Fat Caliper / Digital Skinfold Caliper - AMP-03SK03-SK

    Effortlessly measure your body fat with the Skyndex Body Fat Caliper. This expertly crafted tool uses scientific methods to accurately assess your body fat percentage and track your progress over time. Take the guesswork out of your fitness journey and achieve your goals with confidence.

    The Skyndex Digital Skinfold Caliper with the Slaughter-Lohman 2-Site formula was developed to use with children 8-18 years of age and is a fast way to assess your class or youth sports team's Body Composition.

    Simply select the gender with one dial. There are 2 dial settings on this caliper; 1 for Male, 2 for Female. This makes assessing Body Composition a 30 second job without the problem of data entry errors!

    Features: 2-Site Slaughter-Lohman Equation built in, 1 dial to select Gender, No data entry errors, Built in immediate %Fat calculation.

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