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acco Multi-Activities Work-station for Upper-Extremities

acco Multi-Activities Work-station for Upper-Extremities

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Multi-Activities Work-station for Upper-Extremities in Occupational Therapy

This multifunctional Upper Extremity Work-station lets you treat multiple patients simultaneously To encourage social interaction and permits many activities to be performed while sitting /standing And also provides storage space for the following 12 most recognized activities appropriate to a Variety of patients:

Peg Boards:
1. Pinch Tree.
2. Pipe Assembly Unit PVC.
3. 25 Hole Peg Board.
4. Multi Shaped Peg Board.
5. Hand Tool Test Frame.
6. Finger Dexterity Board.
7. Door Latch Board.
8. Dressing Boards Set.
9. Shoulder Abdication Ladder.
10. Bilateral Shoulder ladder.
11. Hand Exercise Board (Velcro).
12. Hand Gym Board.

1. TWO, Wheelchair-accessible side shelves.
2. TWO, Drop-out doors converting into workspace.
3. Lockable double doors for security.4. Sturdy construction with durable laminated work surfaces.


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