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acco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine (Far, IG, G)

acco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine (Far, IG, G)

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Physiotherapy acco Mini Muscle Stimulator Machine (Faradic, Interrupted Galvanic, Galvanic)

When 220 Volt AC passes through a micro-controlled transformer of 0-9 volt who runs diode with 13 Volt DC to operate a circuit of this device.

  • Finally, it passes through an output driver who convert it at 5 Volt AC.
  • This device generates vibrations for healing internal blockage/damages of muscles without any side effects.
  • Due to these blockages/ damages’ patient feels pain, once it repairs by taking this stimulation therapy, the patient feels relief from pain.
  • Galvanic Currents:- It is a pure direct current as a result of rectification & filtration of the alternating current from the main supply.
  • The main indications are the stimulation of the enervated muscle ion transfer.
  • Faradic Currents:- Pulses generated of short duration, Tetanic muscle contraction & muscle fatigue is achieved in short duration keeping in view of low pulse rate.
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Standard Accessories- 

-Wire - 2pcs, Pads 2pcs, Pen electrode- 1 pcs , Velcro Strap- 1 pcs , Gel Bottle 1 Pcs, Carry Bag - 1Pcs

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