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Kinesiology Sports Tape (5m x 5cm)

Kinesiology Sports Tape (5m x 5cm)

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Kinesiology Sports Tape

  • Our tape works in conjunction with the body part it is applied to by increasing blood circulation to the muscles
  • This item is perfect for both prevention and recovery all over the body especially: Achilles, Back, Hamstrings, Knee, Neck, Quads, Rotator Cuff, Shin Splints, and Shoulders
  • When used properly in rehabilitation or physical therapy, kinesiology tape has long-lasting effects for patients to improve mobility and relieve pain, k-tape more affordable and convenient for your practice.
  • Our kinesiology tape comes in 5m rolls so that you don't have to pay extortionate rates for pre-cut lengths. Simply cut the tape to the length you require, peel off the cover and apply to your skin
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