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Handheld Laser Therapy Device (650nm 150mW)

Handheld Laser Therapy Device (650nm 150mW)

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Handheld Laser Therapy Device (650nm 150mW) - AMP-03LA09

This handheld laser therapy device utilizes a 650nm wavelength and 150mW power to effectively treat various musculoskeletal conditions. It promotes tissue repair and pain relief, improving overall mobility. Harness the power of laser therapy in the comfort of your own home.


Soft Tissue Injury Treatment
Wound Healing
Skin Treatment (esp. for Acne)
Pain Management
Cosmetic Regeneration
Resolving Viral and Bacterial Infections
Diabetic wound healing
Nerve Regeneration


Laser type                 : Semiconductor laser/Ga Al As
Laser wavelength      : 685nm 
Treatment time       : 0 - 20 mins 5 minutes as interval
Max Output per 650nm : 150mw                                                                                      


Mains voltage          :  110V/240V,   50 or 60 Hz

Supplied with following accessories:

Main Unit                : 01 No.
Power Adopter        : 01 No.
Operating manual   : 01 No.
Safety Google         :  01 No. 
Adopter                   : 01 No.

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