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acco 6 Channel Tens Machine Digital with Auto mode

acco 6 Channel Tens Machine Digital with Auto mode

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acco 4 Channel Tens Machine Digital with Automode 


Pulse Modes           : Continuous, Brust ,PWM-C (Pulse width Modulation-Continous), PWM-I (Pulse width Modulation-Intermittint) Surge, Sweep

Display                                  : Digital
Timer                                     : 0-60 Min
Wave form                           : Biphasic Rectangular Balanced Wave
Pulse Amplitude                 : 0-80mA/Channel
Pulse Frequency                 : 2Hz,20Hz,40Hz,80Hz,120Hz & 150 Hz selectable.  
Weight                                  : 2.5g./unit approx
Power Source                      : 90 to 240V AC 50/60Hz, SMPS supply
Fuse                                       : 1AMP
Output Characteristics     : Six Independent Output                                                                                                                         
Pulse Width                         : 150us (Except PWM-C & PWM-I Mode)

Standard Accessories :
1 pc- Main Cord,
6 pc - wire,
12pcs -Rubber Electrode,  
Set of straps 

Carry Bag, Gel Bottle

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