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acco Advance Muscle Stimulator Machine (G, IG,F,SF)

acco Advance Muscle Stimulator Machine (G, IG,F,SF)

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acco® Advance Muscle Stimulator (G,IG, S,SF) | Muscle Stimulator for Physiotherapy | Physiotherapy Stimulator Machine  
Physiotherapy Diagnostic Muscle Stimulator (with TENS) Muscle Stimulator used for muscle dystrophy, functional paralysis resultiong from traumatic neurosis Hysteria or Neuropoxia, Flacid Paralysis, Spactic Paralysis, Cordiovascular Disorders, Muscle Strains, etc.

 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS- PULSE GALVANIC- It is for the stimulation of Denervated muscle transfer, Maximum Output 75 MA. INTERRUPTED-GALVANIC CURRENT- This is used for DIagnosis and the extent of muscle lesion. It is used for diagnosis of muscle. S-D Curve canbe plotted on a semilog graph sheet. Pulse width variations are in 10 steps from 01 to 300 MS. Frequency- 6, 18, 30 per minute 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, 100 per sec. 

SURGE FARADIC CURRENT- Pulses Generated are of short duration (0.6ms) Tetanic muscles Contraction and muscle fatigue is achieved in short duration since the rate is 80 PPS Contraction duration 2-4 sec FARADIC- Comprises of 80 pulse per second, each pulse of 0.6 ms width. Tens Single Channel 

STANDARD ACCESSORIES- 2pc Rubber Electrodes 2 Ball Tip Electrode with Handle 1 Pair Electrodes Wires 1 Set of Straps

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