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acco Wilbarger Therapy Brush (Set of 2)- Sensory Brush

acco Wilbarger Therapy Brush (Set of 2)- Sensory Brush

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AMP-03SI06 - acco Wilbarger Therapy Brush (Set of 2) - Thera pressure Brushes Occupational Therapy Brushes Soft Sensory Defensiveness Brushes Stimulating Calming Tools.

The acco Wilbarger Therapy Brush is an essential tool for sensory integration therapy. Designed with the renowned Wilbarger brushing protocol in mind, these brushes provide gentle yet effective stimulation to promote improved sensory processing. Ideal for therapists, educators, and caregivers, this set is a valuable addition to any sensory tool kit.

  • Soft brushes :The occupational therapy brush is made of sponge and plastic for high quality and durability, with soft bristles that won't scratch the skin when used.
  • How to use :Use moderate pressure when using the thera pressure brush to ensure that the bristles are curved on the skin and brush the body quickly. It is best used under the guidance of a professional therapist.
  • Anxiety relief :Using a Wilbarger therapy brush can relieve anxiety and stress, make you feel calmed and relaxed, and ease the restlessness of people with autism and tactile processing disorders.
  • Improved haptics :The Sensory Brush provides a deep pressure massage to help improve sensory defenses, enhance concentration and learning, and reduce hypersensitivity to tactile input.
  • Wide range of applications :The Sensory Brush is suitable for both adults and children and is used to treat tactile dullness, tactile sensitivity, and to promote body awareness and coordination. The Sensory Brush can be used to bathe your baby at the same time as the treatment.

NOTE - Color of brush and sponge as per the availability. 

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