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acco Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1Mhz LED) ABS Body

acco Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1Mhz LED) ABS Body

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AMP-03US11ABS acco Mini Ultrasound Therapy unit(1 Mhz) with digital timer ABS Body

Acco Ultrasonic Therapy is more advanced, compact, light weight, based on micro processor based circuitry, continuous and pulse mode.

Its generates ultrasonic weight waves digitally, gives a massaging effect to the deep tender part of the muscle and curse neuromuscular and muscular skeletal disease includes  Arthritis , Sinusitis, epicodylitis etc.  

Standard Accessories:
1 Ultrasound handle,
1 Main Cord,
1 Wire 

Optional Accessories: Carry Bag, Gel Bottle 

Technical Specifications: 

 Ultrasonic nominal Frequency   : 1 Mhz
Ultrasonic Output                          : 15 Acousstic Maximum Ultrasonic power density mode
Operation                                         : 3.2 watts/cm2 Continuous and of pulsed mode.
Pulse ratios                                          : 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:7, 1:10
Treatment time                               : 10 to 20 Minutes
Timer                                                 : Electronic timer 0 to 99 minutes with digital display
Display                                              : Digital display 

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