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acco Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1&3Mhz) LCD 27 Prg

acco Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1&3Mhz) LCD 27 Prg

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acco Ultrasound Therapy Unit (1&3Mhz) Ultrasound Therapy Unit: 1 Mhz and 3 Mhz LCD Based with soft touch buttons


Technical Specifications: Ultrasonic nominal Frequency: 1 Mhz or 3 Mhz
Ultrasonic Output                   : cont. 2.5W/cm, Pulse 3.5/cm
Pulse Frequency                      : 8hz, 16z 50hz, 100hz
Pulse ratios                               : 1:1, 1:4, 1:7, 1:9
Treatment time                        : 0 to 6 Minutes
Timer                                         : Electronic timer 0to 99 minutes 
Display                                      : LCD display


Standard Accessories:
1 Main Cord,
1 Pair Ultrasound head (1Mhz) with wire ,
1Pair  Ultrasound head (3Mhz) with wire


Optional Accessories: Carry Bag, Gel Bottle

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