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acco Ultrasound Therapy 1 Mhz with 4 Channel Tens Machine

acco Ultrasound Therapy 1 Mhz with 4 Channel Tens Machine

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acco's Ultrasound Therapy 1 Mhz is a device with four separate channels for TENS operations, making it a perfect choice for medical treatments.

acco Ultrasonic with 4ch Electrotherapy Combination Therapy 2 in 1 (Combo) with Timer is a Premium Clinical Model. It comes with Four Channel Tens and Ultrasound Therapy Unit 1Mhz, most use electrotherapy combo machine in a single machine best for Home use and clinic. The unit can be used for two patients simultaneously.

Technical Specifications:

Model:                              Digital

Electrotherapy Channel:  4 Channel (8 Pads)

Ultrasound:                       1 Mhz

Treatment Mode              :  6

Frequency:                         Upto 125Hz  

Display:                              LED

Timer:                                Upto 99 Minutes

Output Characteristics:     Constant Current (CC)

Operating Voltage:            220 V / 110V

Dimension:                        34x25x9 cm

Weight:                             3.95 Kg

Ultrasound                        1 Mhz (Cont N pulsed)

Standard Accessories:

 Wires:                                     4 Set

Round Rubber Electrodes:      8 Pcs

US Head & Cable:                   1 Set (1Mhz)

Velcro Strap:                            1 Set (1 Small, 1 Medium & 1 Large)

Main Cord:                               1 Pc (As per Country Specific)

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