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acco Tens Machine (4 channel, Automode) Digital

acco Tens Machine (4 channel, Automode) Digital

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The acco Tens Machine (4 channel, Automode) Digital is an advanced electrotherapy device. Used in physical therapy, it features four digital channels for increased effectiveness, programmed with adjustable Automodes for flexibility. It is designed to help reduce pain and improve muscle function with accurate, non-invasive treatment.


Pulse Modes           : Continuous, Brust ,PWM-C (Pulse width Modulation-Continous), PWM-I (Pulse width Modulation-Intermittint) Surge, Sweep

Display                                  : Digital
Timer                                     : 0-60 Min
Wave form                           : Biphasic Rectangular Balanced Wave
Pulse Amplitude                 : 0-80mA/Channel
Pulse Frequency                 : 2Hz,20Hz,40Hz,80Hz,120Hz & 150 Hz selectable.  
Weight                                  : 2.5g./unit approx
Power Source                      : 90 to 240V AC 50/60Hz, SMPS supply
Fuse                                       : 1AMP
Output Characteristics     : Four Independent Output                                                                                                                         
Pulse Width                         : 150us (Except PWM-C & PWM-I Mode)

Standard Accessories :
1 pc- Main Cord,
4 pc - wire,
8pcs -Rubber Electrode,  
Set of straps 

Optional Accessories: Carry Bag, Gel Bottle

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