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acco Surgical cautery Machine 400 Watt Smart 4

acco Surgical cautery Machine 400 Watt Smart 4

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acco Surgical cautery Machine 400 Watt Smart 4- SD25-400-Smart4

We introduce in the medical sector a new microprocessor based Electro Surgical Generator-SMART 4. It combines excellent performance of monopole (cut & coag), and bipolar modes. Integrated with microprocessor controls, this ESU provides user safety to the user during surgery and is ideal for surgeries that require high precision and reliability. Spray coagulation is an internal part of this surgical unit that gives a good homeostasis effect with minimum cutting effect.

Feedback-controlled response system
Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal cycle is complete
Minimum cutting effect
Spray coagulation
Pure and smooth cut
Bipolar output with a non sparking characteristic
Prompt start even in irrigated procedures

Departments in which Cautery Can be Used - Micro Surgery, Laparoscopy Surgery, Neuro Surgery and more

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