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acco Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy Machine

acco Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy Machine

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acco Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy Machine

Physiotherapy Mini Interferential Therapy Machine is a manual machine . IFT Machine is a compact table model designed for clinical and home use in Physiotherapy. The Physiotherapy machine is operated on manual mode . It includes all the standard accessories.


  •        Use for different Chronic Pain in Physiotherapy
  •       Different treatment modes 2 P, 4 P, 4PV
  •       Adjustable Intensity and Balance
  • Portable & Compact Model
  • Easy to carry
  • Electric Operated


Technical Specifications (IFT+TENS+MS):

Model:                               Manual

Electrotherapy Channel:   4 Channels (4 Pads)

Manual Mode:                   Available

IFT Therapy Mode:           4 Pole, 4 Pole , 4Pole Vector

Frequency:                        2 Khz, & 4Khz

Operating Voltage:            220 V

Dimension:                        L 13 x W 12 x H 6 cm

Weight:                             0.900 g


Standard Accessories:

Red Wires:                              2 Pc

Black Wires:                            2 Pc

Rubber Electrodes:                 4 Pcs (Rectangle)

Velcro Strap:                           1 Set (1 Small, 1 Medium & 1 Large)

Main Cord:                              1 Pc

Ultrasound Gel:                      1 Bottle (250 ML)

Carry Bag                                1 Pc 


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