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Acco Physio Wax - Paraffin Wax

Acco Physio Wax - Paraffin Wax

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acco Physio Wax - Pack of 500 Grm

Physio wax 500 Grm 1 Pack = 500Grm
Physio wax 500 Grm 2 Pack = 1Kg
Physio wax 500 Grm 3 Pack=1.5Kg
Physio wax 500 Grm 4 Pack = 2Kg
Physio wax 500 Grm 10 Pack = 5kg


Paraffin wax for pain relief.

The most effective ways of applying heat to improve joint mobility by warming the connective tissues Chronic pain and arthritis relief musculoskeletal conditions that are longstanding often benefit from heat therapy.

Physio wax comes in plastic box for hot fomentation on joints pain, it reduces stiffness and increase mobility. Also known as paraffin wax.

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