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acco Hand exercise Ball - Gel Ball

acco Hand exercise Ball - Gel Ball

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The acco Hand Exercise Ball is an ideal tool to strengthen hands, wrists, and forearms. Made from high-grade gel, it provides stretch and resistance for improved range of motion and grip strength. The ball's ergonomic design ensures comfort and ease of use, making it great for rehabilitation exercises. AMP-03GB01

Size Of Gel Ball - Large (2.5 inches)

  • REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY】These gel ball help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress and anxiety and can increase focus and attention.
  • RECOVER QUICKLY FROM INJURY】Gel ball is used for hand therapy equipment recommended by physical therapists & sports medicine for treatment to fingers, hands or wrist. The variable resistance & different shapes allow you to safely recover from hand injuries and regain loss of finger function from stroke.
  • USE IT ANYWHERE ANYTIME】Our stress relief toys set has a small size and Beautiful colors. This is a really nice size because you can fit it in your carry bag or pocket and take it out to squeeze when you need to.
  • DURABLE NONSLIP SQUISHY GEL BALL】squishy gel ball are constructed with a premium composite material that is odorless. The lightly textured exterior provides a secure, nonslip surface for gripping. also tear and split-resistant.
  • RESISTANCE】The resistance levels are perfect for progressive exercise. You can start with soft gel ball as your hands and fingers are strengthening.
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