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acco Contract Bath Unit (Hot and Cold Therapy Machine)

acco Contract Bath Unit (Hot and Cold Therapy Machine)

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AMP-03HC13 - acco Contract Bath Unit (Hot and Cold Therapy Machine)

The acco Contract Bath Unit is a revolutionary hot and cold therapy machine designed to provide targeted relief and promote faster healing. With customizable temperature settings and durable construction, this unit offers a comprehensive solution for various rehabilitation needs. From reducing inflammation to accelerating tissue repair, this is the ultimate tool for optimal recovery.

Contrast Bathing is the combination of alternating between Hot and Cold bath. With Contrast Bath, Blood circulation, metabolism, and waste expulsion are effected, thus speeding up recovery. The unit is suitable for treatment of Arms & Legs.

* Construction: Double walled body, well insulated Water tanks of 16 gauge Stainless steel sheet are placed side by side in a heavy tubular steel frame covered with painted steel sheet. Tanks are covered with laminated wooden rim & covers.
* Water Tanks: Two, Size: 50cm x 38cm x 40cm deep.
* Hot-Bath Tank: Fitted with One, 2kw special heating element.
* Cold-Bath Tank: Fitted with heavy duty cooling compressure unit
* Tempreture Control: Each tank is provided with Digital Thermometer, Thermostat for Temperature Control, & Pilot lights.
* Mounting: Mounted on 10cm dia. Four casters.
* Drainage: Drainage system for emptying.
* Finish: Externally Powder Coated finish.
* Power: 220-240 V AC. Accessories: UNIT SUPPLIED WITH 4 kv. VOLTAGE STABILISER.

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