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acco Advance 5in1 COMBO (IFT+MS+TENS+US) with Deep Heat Therapy Unit

acco Advance 5in1 COMBO (IFT+MS+TENS+US) with Deep Heat Therapy Unit

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acco Advance COMBO(IFT+MS+TENS+US) with Deep Heat Therapy Unit- 5 in 1 Physiotherapy Combo Machine- AMP-03CM19RK

Computerized Inter Farential Therapy machine with Mid-frequency current makes it very attractive and free from analog knobs systems. It contains concept is completely soft touch unit. The circuit is based on Micro Processors based which different programs for the different type of treatment applications.

# Technical Specification

(1) Different applications based on Digital 50 Programs 

(2) A current module of 4-channel Electrotherapy machine 

(3) Separate Display for timer, intensity and beat frequency 

(4) Include TENS; Faradic and Galvanic current 

(6) Input Supply : 220V Ac, 50 Hz 

(7) Therapy modes : 4P, 4PV, 2P 

(8) Carrier Frequency : 2,4KHz 

(9) Base 0-150 Hz 

(10) Sweep : 0- 100Hz

(11) Output current:  0-100 mA 

(12) Timer: 0-99 minutes 

(13) Weight  4 kg (Approx.) 

(14) Include all types of accessories

Ultrasound Therapy unit


Ultrasonic nominal Frequency : 1 Mhz

Ultrasonic Output                      : 15Acousstic Maximum

Ultrasonic power density mode

Operation                                   : 2.2 watts/cm2 Continuous and of pulsed mode.

Pulse ratios                                : 1:1, 1:3, 1:5, 1:7, 1:9

Treatment time                           : 0 to 6 Minutes

Timer                                          : Electronic timer 0to 99 minutes with digital display

Display                                        :Digital display


1pc wire

1pc Ultrasound Head (1Mhz)

Deep Heat Therapy unit has 2 pads.

1pc Main Cord

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